I create hand and machine embroidered garments and accessories on a commission basis by collaborating with with the client. I provide a free studio visit where the client can discuss their requirements. I am able to embroider pre-made garments, such as wedding dresses and suit jackets, or we can collaborate with a tailor to design the embroidery and the pattern for the garment from scratch.

I also provide a semi-bespoke service where the client can pick from techniques, patterns, colour and fabric stocked in my studio. 

My work, which is predominantly for fashion, consists of traditional forms of embroidery used in contemporary and inventive ways. I use hand embroidery and beadwork, as well as Irish embroidery. I tend to use detailed and traditional techniques that are now becoming less widely used. There is an emerging shift in the market, where good quality and longer lasting apparel with an authentic background that values the maker, is becoming more attractive.

My products are made-to-order or bespoke, therefore they are more sustainable as I minimise wastage and large stock. This slow fashion gives more value to each product as I avoid production on large scales and create everything locally in London.

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